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On July 6, 2016 our beloved brother and friend, Matthew Dean Mattocks suffered a devastating stroke on his brainstem. He was rushed to the hosptial where we discovered that while his cognitive abilities remained intact, he was unable to move except for looking around with his eyes, blinking, and squeezing slightly with his left hand. The neurologist diagnosed Matthew with Locked-In Syndrome.


For Matthew, this couldn't be more earth shattering. Matthew turns 30 years old in January. He is an audience-favorite actor with Whodunit Dinner Theatre in Oklahoma City, a musician who taught himself to play guitar and piano by ear, and filmmaker who helped make several short films including The Lost One currently in post-production.

After having a tracheostomy tube placed in his windpipe, and spending two weeks in the ICU, he was transferred to the Intermediate Care Unit where he has made some progress. Matthew can move his head slightly, and shake it no. He can smile and laugh. He desperately want to vocalize, but is still unable to speak. He still has expressive eyes, and all his emotions show through them. It looks like it won't be long before his trach gets removed.

His next step is transfer to a long term care facility. 

We are raising money to help pay for the hospital bills that have already accrued, and the expense of the long term care facility. Matthew does not have insurance. We hope Social Security and Medicaid will come through soon, but the financial burden he faces is massive.

Besides donating to his GoFundMe, there are several other ways you can assist financially. Since we proudly proclaim ourselves creative types, we have planned a few fundraisers centering around Matthew's passions in the OKC Metro area:






On August 27th Whodunit Dinner Theatre will hold a benefit performance of Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow at St. Lukes Methodist Church in downtown Oklahoma City.

We will soon announce details for a fundraiser happening in late October/Early November featuring live music, and the premiere screening of The Lost One

If you would prefer to donate by check, make them payable to 'Matthew Mattocks,' and mail to:

3540 Media LLC

PO Box 54606

Oklahoma City, OK 73154

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